A sport that can train body coordination 

No special venue is required, suitable for all age groups.  It helps to train body coordination ability, relax shoulder and neck muscles, enhance left and right brain coordination, and improve logical thinking and balance control.

Simple Dart Aesthetics. 

Throw away the tacky style of electronic dart board, the soul of the traditional dart and the spirit of minimalist style makes the classic combination.

Neo Segment

Bluetooth Connection

Global Online Competition  


Modern aesthetics that fits into various styles of decoration

The Use of Plastic Darts.

The traditional 13.5 inch Sisal dartboard requires metal dart tips. The 15.5 inch electronic soft tip dartboard with electronic scoring uses plastic dart tips, also known as soft tips, which can reduce the damage caused by the process of throwing darts. Dart is consisted of four parts; dart tips, dart barrels, dart shafts and dart flights. 

All parts are considered consumables, we recommend using darts that are 14g or above.

Special Structure

The segment is covered with peak holes, it will trigger a signal when the dart tips hit the segment, the peak will guide the tips to the hole so that the segment can grasp the darts.

Vibration Reduction

Noise Canceling

Easy to Install, Quick start to Play.

Quick Installation

Multiple Choices

High Fault Tolerance

You can do it even by yourself!

No need to calculate the position of the bullseye and lock hole, complex steps are replaced by simple actions.


Use 3M Command Strip, removal doesn't leave a mark.



The center of the bullseye is at 173m from the floor.


Wipe and clean the wall, then press firmly.


The angles can be adjusted.


Android APK


Google Play

The Bluetooth electronic dart boards have to be verified through exclusive application in order to play online, users cannot connect via smart devices directly. Users can search "SDBplay" on various platforms and download the smart dartboard app. Currently, it is launched on Apple Store, Tencent App, Xiaomi App and Google Play Store.