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Bluetooth does not connect?
Please follow the steps below to solve it
1.    Check if you have already turned on the Bluetooth device on your phone
2.    Go into “Setting” and restart Bluetooth
3.    Restart the dartboard and then restart the App
4.    If you still can’t solve the problem after following the above actions, please go to “Help” > “Bluetooth Problem” in the App Homepage.

Where to download the App?
SDBplay is available on App Store, Google Play Store, Xiaomi App and Tencent App. You can also find it on, go to the page and scan the QR code to download the App.

Can’t hit the target?
Generally, beginners are not used to throwing darts, it is hard to hit the target directly and it is easy to have bounce outs. Please check if the dart tips are bent or blunt and whether the dartboard is perpendicular to the ground. The dart tips are often stretched over time due to pulling out, which makes it easier to have bounce outs. Please change the tips.

What to do when segment is displayed stuck?
1.    Find the corresponding segment displayed on the App, check if it is deformed and stuck on the web.
2.    Check whether the dartboard is hung on a flat surface.
3.    Take down the product and shake vigorously. 

How to deal with broken accessories?
The accessories are all consumables. Breakages and damages are considered normal wear and tear. Therefore, it is non-returnable. Some broken tips will be stuck inside the segment hole, please use tweezers to remove it. It does not affect the use of the product if it cannot be removed.

How to clean the product if there is dust?
Brush it lightly with the duster. Use the blow by air method. Clean the surface with wet cloth.

Color difference between photos and products?
The product photos were all shot by the team. However, due to the lighting for photo shooting and the resolution of display monitor, there may be a minor color difference. The product photos are for reference only; actual spec. and color are based on the real product.


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