Be a Pro.

7 inch Touch Screen.

With 7 inch display, you can enjoy playing darts heartily and read information easily.

SDB App Inside.

Built-in SDB application, enjoy playing darts intuitively. 

Noise Canceling.

Reduce play noise by using XPA material and structure.

Noise Canceling Structure.

Patented structure design reduces the playing noise. Enjoy playing darts anytime without bothering others.

Great Durability of Neo-Segment.

Neo-Segment of XPA material decreases darts rebounding rate and enhances the segment durability.

The Best Material for Noise Canceling.

XPA material has the best performance in reducing playing noise in any frequency.

High Target Rate.

Reduce the damage of darts and floor.


Android System Inside.

Easy to use on your smart phone.


Zero Score Detection.

Sensors will determine if darts hit the miss area automatically.

13.5 inch Available.

We offer 13.5" segments for people who play classic dartboard.

EasyFit Holder.

EasyFit helps to install the dartboard rapidly.

Easy And Secure.

Install dartboard easily without screwing holes on the wall.

Screws for extra security


3M Command Strip



Set Up in 30 Sec

Paste EasyFit to the wall.

Slide the dartboard into EasyFit.

Adjust it to the suitable position.


Home Arcade System.

Enjoy better sound effects and high quality display by connecting to your HD TV and Hi-Fi Speakers.